5E Learning Cycle Lesson Plan

Prospective teachers will develop inquiry-based science lessons in the 5-E format. Special attention will be given to questioning strategies, planning for diverse learners, assessment techniques, and the integration of other curricular areas. These lessons will be presented in the schools during the field experience. Students will be required to videotape themselves teaching and to watch this video and reflect on their teaching; students will meet with their instructor individually to go over these reflections. The reflection on this video tape will be a separate assignment.

Your written lesson plan will be added to your Professional Portfolio and submitted tothe DRF on Taskstream in as a link to your portfolio. This lesson plan should include the following items; please be sure to number them as they are numbered here. Except where noted, please use an outline or bulleted format rather than a paragraph format so it is easier to use.

1. Title.

2. Grade Level and Objectives. Pleae list grade level and science and mathematics SCS objectives being taught.

3. Background Information (for teacher). Each lesson plan must include a detailed explanation of the science content being developed in the lesson. The purpose of this explanation is for you as a teacher to demonstrate your own understanding of the background knowledge and science content being taught in the lesson. Use diagrams where necessary.

4 . List of Materials.

5 . Detailed Lesson Plan. The Learning Cycle (5E’s) should be developed in enough detail for a knowledgeable substitute to use. (Be sure to see your TaskStream Rubric for specific details of what to include in each of the phases of the 5E Learning Cycle.)

6. Curricular Integration. In addition to the math integrated into the lesson plan, please include at least two additional curricular integration activities (from language arts, social studies, health etc.) you could use with your lesson plan. Be specific; go into some detail on what and how you would integrate each activity, and note which competency goal from that same grade each additional activity would address.

7. Modifications. Include a statement specifically addressing how you will modify the lesson for students with diverse needs, such as ADD, ADHD, Learning Disabled, AG, and ESL.

8. Sources. Students should use a minimum of three different science sources for developing the lesson plan and all sources used must be listed at the end of the lesson plan. The SCOS in not considered one of your sources.


For a word processing version of the requirements above, you can download my "5E Lesson Plan Write-Up" document and type into it.

You will also need to complete a set of questions about the 5E lesson. Download my "Questions about the 5E plan" document here and type into it.

Note: This assignment meets the following NCDPI Standards and Indicators:
Standard 7 Indicators 1, 2, 4, 5, & 7
Standard 10
Standard 15


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